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Moorhuhn Remake

Developer phenomedia publishing gmbh

Streets of Rage Remake

Developer Bombergames

Everyone, who considers himself a fan of the golden 16-bit age, should clearly remember the saga ...

Crazy Chicken Remake

Developer phenomedia publishing gmbh

CRAZY CHICKEN REMAKE - 2005 Happy Anniversary! - Crazy Chicken Remake Just in time for the festivities celebrating the fifth birthday of ...

KaM Remake

Developer Krom, Lewin

KaM Remake is a free add-on for the Knights and Merchants: The Peasants Rebellion strategy game. You can choose your ...


Developer andrew taylor

xu4 is a recreation of the classic computer RPG Ultima IV. The goal was to make it easy and ...


Developer Luke's Software and Design

Fractalus is a modern remake of Rescue on Fractalus, a classic game developed by Lucasfilm Games originally released on Atari, Commodore 64 ...

DooM Remake

Developer 1C company

TA3D - A Remake of Total Annhilation

Developer The TA3D Team

So TA3D is a remake of Total Annihilation engine under GPL(that means free...) which uses original game files (means it doesn't run ...

Streets of Rage-REMAKE

Developer BoMbErGaMeS Soft

It’s all based on visual interpretation, comparing how things work in the original games and trying to mimic it for Streets of Rage ...

Boulder Remake

Developer Boulder Remake

One of the most successful games of the 8-bit times should be "Boulder remake". Here you have to collect diamonds in a ...

Moorhuhn Remake Rus

Developer moorhuhn.titanmet.ru

Fantasy Tetrix

Developer Intelore

It is an excellent modern 3D game, a remake of the classic game Tetris. The original puzzle game, designed and programmed by ...

Goody The Remake

Developer Coptron Game Studios

Goody is a famous game created in 1988. If you are from those days (like me), maybe you will remember how funny was to play that ...

Fred Remake

Developer ResEdit

Apple Frogger - The Remake

Developer Spoonbill Software